October 02, 2008

Iphigénie en Tauride - Review

On Saturday 20. th September, and as previous of the Springday, we have the pleasure to delight ourselves with the magnificent function of Gluck’s Opera Iphigénie en Tauride, in a performance of BUENOS AIRES LIRICA.

This Opera was a proper revolution at the time of its first representation, so Queen Marie Antoniette wrote to her sister to tell her about the great success and the amount of controversies.
Gluck wanted to make an amend in the opera’s world, by that epoque full of ornaments and bel canto without profound thoughts or meanings. He was decided to make a revival of the original opera, that wonderful creation of the 16. Century, where music and words have made a total commitment.

Buenos Aires Lírica made it work !
The performance was excelent. At the first scene the lights played a key role for the first 65 minutes of tension and drama. This deep feeling of drama and isolation was mantained throught all the piece till the last 10 minutes, where the tragedy passed by, to a new beginning.

Finally my congratulations to Buenos Aires Lírica Teams , specially :

Virginia Correa Dupuy, Mezzosoprano, ( Iphigenie)
Luciano Garay ,bariton, ( Oreste)
Carlos Ullán, tenor ( Pylade)
Ernesto Bauer, bariton, ( Toas)
Eugenia Forte, ( Goddes Diana)
Régie and Scenario : Rita Consentino
Musical Direction: Alejo Pérez
Lights : Gabriela Battipede

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